Search case files, faster

Avoid reading duplicate pages

Hide duplicates and blank pages to review later.

Eliminate repeat searches

Search multiple terms in multiple files with one search.

Stop drowning in document dumps

Find every needle in the haystack.

“I barely made a dent searching defendant’s document dump with Adobe Acrobat. Parity found what I needed before I finished my cigar break!”

– J.D. Smith, Trial Lawyer

6 Ways Parity Speeds Up Doc Review

Whether you’re searching 10 PDFs or 10,000, find things quickly, stay organized, and work with your team.

Work Faster
Search Smarter
Filter Out Duplicates
OCR While Working
Share Safely
Mark Up for Trial

“Jumping past duplicates and blanks, and searching everything at once. It makes everything faster!”

– JoAnne Moore, Personal Injury Paralegal

Plaintiff Parity vs. Your PDF Program

Large defense firms access features like Parity’s through costly document management systems.

Tools to review your case file
Plaintiff Parity Comparison
Your Program Comparison

Read and search individual PDFs

Blue checkmark - Yes
Blue checkmark - Yes

Search all PDFs with one search

Blue checkmark - Yes
Gray X - No

Search multiple terms with one search

Blue checkmark - Yes
Gray X - No

Perform advanced and Boolean searches

Blue checkmark - Yes
Gray X - No

Save custom searches for future case work

Blue checkmark - Yes
Gray X - No

Skip past duplicates and blank pages, revisiting when needed

Blue checkmark - Yes
Gray X - No

Instantly jump to the original PDF of any page in a case file

Blue checkmark - Yes
Gray X - No

Save key pages in different groupings to review/support your case

Blue checkmark - Yes
Gray X - No

OCR and search quickly with internet standard technology

Blue checkmark - Yes
Gray X - No

Save and share all casework in a lightweight and secure file

Blue checkmark - Yes
Gray X - No

Plaintiff Parity vs. Competitors

Most PDF viewers can’t compete. Large defense firms access features like this through costly document management systems.

I can really see the value. I wish this was around when I was practicing.

– Paul Moorman, Senior Law Librarian

Save Time with Every Search

Plaintiff firms regularly lose time searching PDFs one word at a time, one doc at a time. And defense firms know it.

Westlaw, LexisNexis, and Google allow you to do much more.

  • In preparing your medical malpractice case you need every mention of words like stress, anxiety, depression, anxious, and panic. You lose time searching one word at a time.
  • In searching the whole case file for each of those words, you lose time searching one doc at a time.
  • In reviewing search results, you lose time rereading and comparing the same duplicated page over and over.

This is the tedious work defendants use to bury your team. Unlike large defense firms, few plaintiff firms can afford tens of thousands for comprehensive document management systems. But all plaintiff firms review docs, and they do so every day.

That’s why we created Plaintiff Parity...

With Parity, you can find every term, in every PDF, with one search. You can save key pages for review, annotate, and share your work.

Plaintiff Parity - Advanced Search Sample
  • To move quickly, search for every synonym at once.
  • To find everything in the case file, search every document at once.
  • To skip duplicate and blank pages, filter them out. Check them later under “Hidden Pages.”

Large defense firms have associates and costly systems to do this. You don’t need either. With Parity, they can’t bury you in doc review any more. We encourage you to try it for yourself…

Join the Plaintiff Firms Already Using Parity

Here’s what users say…

J.D. Smith, Trial Lawyer
The defendant ‘hid the needle’ and we found it in a couple hours. Fantastic!
J.D. Smith
Trial Lawyer
Lauren Grantham, PI Paralegal, Dax F. Garza, P.C.
When reviewing hundreds of pages this can really make a difference.
Lauren Grantham
PI Paralegal, Dax F. Garza, P.C.
Anthony Alfieri, Trial Lawyer, Law Office of Anthony Alfieri
I’m not a big software user. But this saves me so much time!
Anthony Alfieri
Trial Lawyer, Law Office of Anthony Alfieri
Lawrence Eisenberg, Personal Injury Tax Lawyer, Lawrence Eisenberg PC
Searching a case file is infinitely easier with customized Boolean searching. No question.
Lawrence Eisenberg
PI Tax Lawyer, Lawrence Eisenberg PC
Patrice Asimakis, Director of Legal Services, Nora.Legal
Doc review is a primary service we offer plaintiff firms. Parity makes it so much faster.
Patrice Asimakis
Director of Legal Services, Nora.Legal
Rachel McCrocklin, Chief Client Officer, Eastern Point Trust Company
We process dozens of cases daily. Re-using custom searches can cut review time by 90%.
Rachel McCrocklin
Chief Client Officer, Eastern Point Trust Co.

Never Fear Document Dumps Again

Plaintiff Parity is affordably priced for solo practitioners and paralegals.

Free Trial

$ 0
  • Licenses for 2 Computers
  • Free 30-Day Trial
  • No Credit Card Required
  • Full Access to Features

Monthly Access

$ 85
  • Licenses for 2 Computers
  • Full Access to Features
  • Support via Email

Annual Access

$ 765
  • Licenses for 2 Computers
  • Save $255
  • Full Access to Features
  • Premium Support via Zoom

Frequently Asked Questions

There’s no limit. Common PDF Viewers render pages before you can start working. Parity renders as you work and only needs to render once. Millions of pages become instantly searchable and stay that way.

Yes. Anyone can see and build on your work if they have Plaintiff Parity and access to your workspace file.

No. Parity is unlike many PDF programs that modify the source file to make words searchable. Instead, Parity allows you to view all your docs in one place by extracting digital information from the source files. This way, the source files remain unchanged.

Parity stores all data outside the source PDF files in one lightweight, shareable, encrypted JSON file. This technology is an industry standard for serializing and transmitting structured data in a secure fashion.

Plaintiff Parity is PC compatible with Windows 10. Mac computers using Parallels can run Windows on a virtual machine. See how to download and use Parallels here.

For any other questions, please call us at 855-945-3900.

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We’re always looking for ways to help plaintiff firms. A game-changer!

– Joseph Di Gangi, Settlement Planner

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