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There’s no limit. Some PDF Viewers render pages before you can start working. Parity renders them as you work and only needs to render once. Millions of pages become instantly searchable and stay that way.

Yes. Anyone can see and build on your work if they have Plaintiff Parity and access to your workspace file.

No. Parity is unlike many PDF programs that modify the source file to make words searchable. Instead, Parity allows you to view all your docs in one place by extracting digital information from the source files. This way, the source files remain unchanged.

Parity stores all data outside the source PDF files in one lightweight, shareable, encrypted JSON file. This technology is an industry standard for serializing and transmitting structured data in a secure fashion.

Plaintiff Parity is PC compatible with Windows 10. Mac computers using Parallels can run Windows on a virtual machine.

For any other questions, please call us at 855-945-3900.

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We have big plans for Parity. And other plaintiff solutions.

“Fantastic! The defendant ‘hid the needle’ and we found it in a couple hours. Parity saved us enormous time on that one case alone. Every plaintiff firm needs this.”

– J.D. Smith, Trial Lawyer

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